Saturday, 15 May 2010

At Grannys House

Dear Dairy, Yesturday My Auntie Di, My Little Cousin Daniel And My Granny Came To Pick Me
Up After School At 3:05 And We Left About 3:30 And Arrived About 5:15 Me
And Daniel Watched Thomas And Friends On Dvd Because He Wanted To And Had
Dinner At 6:30 And My Granny And Auntie Di Had There Dinner About 7:00 And
Then Daniel Went To Bed About 8:00 And I went To Bed About 9:30. Daniel Woke Up
About 6:00 And Went Down Stairs About 6:10 And I Woke Up About 7:00 And Went
Down Stairs At 7:10 And Had Breakfast About 7:05 And I Had Breakfast About 8:00.
I Went On The Computer To Play On Moshi Monsters And On And Amazon. Then Me And Daniel Went Outside To Play Football And Auntie Di With
Granny Followed On. Did I Mention Daniel Chased Me With A Hosepipe But
Luckily The Tap Was Not On. Next We All Went Inside And Had Lunch About
1:20 Later Than Userwall, I Had Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Goujons And Smileys
And Daniel Had Pasta With Ham And A Banana. Then I Wanted To Go Into Droitwitch And Go Into Wilkinsons And Get Some Bits For School Like Rubbers, Pencil Sharpeners, Pencils, Coloring Pencils And This Is Not A School Thing 2 Pens The Colors Where Blue And Black And Then We Went In Morrisons To Get
Food So We Went In I Went In The Book, Cd, Dvd Section And Then Granny Told Me To Stay There And So I Did I Waited And Waited But Granny Did't Show So I Took My Mind Of By Loooking At The Dvds And Then I Soor A Hannah Montana Season 2 Volume 1 Dvd So I Picked It Up And Then For About 5 Minutes Granny Appeared Out Of Know Where And She Said " Bethie! " She So Scared Me. So We
Left And Arrived Home At 1:30 And We Watched Tv And Then Had Dinner About
6:30 And Then Me And Little Daniel Watched My New Dvd. Then Daniel Went To Bed At 8:00 And Then I Went T Bed At 9:30. I Woke Up About 7:30 And Daniel Woke Up An 1 Hour Before I Went Down With Granny And Me And Daniel Went Outside To To Our Mud Pies And Play Football. Next Auntie Di Called Us To Have Breakfast I Had Bacon And Daniel Had Cereal And Toast With Marmite The Cereal Was Ricekrispies Then We Went Up Stairs To Get Dressed Because We Were Going Back To My Place To Drop Me Of And They Stopped To Have Lunch Then We Went Outside To See My Bunny Rabbit, Pipkin And Then We Let Him Out And Then At 1:00 They Left To Drop Granny Of At Her Place Again Once They Did That They Went Home To Chesham In London Because Auntie Di Was Working At The Hospital The Next Day. Thanks Bethxxxx

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