Monday, 20 December 2010

CrazedVamps Diary

Dear Readers

Hi This Is CrazedVamp and this is my diary I shall post up different info weekly. So keep CrazedVamps diary, ok right this week is Gossip Central.


Gossip Central is right here!
Here's my celeb gossip!

Cheryl And Selena!

Well, this sounds like a dream come true...Selena Gomez says she wants to work with none other than our Cheryl! "I love her and would LOVE to work with her" Selena said.We would pay anything to see that duet! Watch this space...

We're Justin's Inspiration!

Justin Bieber said that he wrote his song U Smile for his fans! "It was inspired by my fans. It's about being on stage and being able to look at fans and see them smile!" Awwwwwww!

"My Laugh Annoys Me!"

We love Alesha's big, bold laugh, but she's revealed it took her a while to like it! "I've started to accept my hearty laugh. Somebody actually used it as a ringtone. If it was my mobile, i'd of thrown it away!" Well, we think its fab!

Selena And Taylor's BFF Promise!

They've been BFFs for a while and we've found out why they're such good friends:" We both have that same mentality" Selena said. And they have made a promise to each other to stay normal, despite their fame and fortune! "We make a point of going out and doing normal things. Fame's not going to stop us being teens."

JLS Dollies!

OMG JLS dolls are here! And the boys love them too! Aston giggled, "They all look really realistic- my hair is spot on!" and Oritse said "It will take pride ofplace on my mantelpiece!" We definatly want a set of those in our stocking!

DW Xmas Special!
We're getting pretty excited about the Doctor Who Christmas Special. The rumours are that it's an hour long and that it features Amy's honeymoon. Karen Gillan spilled that it will be heartbreaking and funny. We can't wait!

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